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Zoe Nare – CEO AB Safari Delivers On All Boat White Party | The Verdict

In what was hailed to be the first of its kind in Edmonton, Zoe Nare – CEO of AB Safaris delivered on every promise she made about the All White Boat Party on Sunday, August 4th 2019. The event was inspiring and we thought she delivered well beyond expectation. We salute Team Zoe.  The event was nicely priced at $100 cutting out wannabes who wanted glitz but could not or would not pay for it.


The evening started promptly at 730pm as advertised. People were checked into the boat which was parked at the Edmonton River  Boat. The entrance was orderly. Those who had tickets which included their dinner were given an orange wrist band at the door. It seemed to us that most people had tickets for their meals.  As you would have expected, those who showed up, wanted an exclusive evening. It is safe to say, the gathering was elitist. The finest people in Edmonton showed up for their Queen.


The VIPs were given an extravagant service of unlimited food and drinks. Some of the VIPs arrived in a Limousine. learnt there was a birthday celebration. Whatever it was, we thought that the Queen looked after her guests well. They had a nice VIP Corner where they sat, dined and entertained themselves.


The MC was none other than Edmonton's Sweetheart and fashionista, Amanda Nothando. She was the captain of the ship that night.  Seeing Amanda work the crowd brought class to the boat and to the event. We were in safe hands.

It did feel like a girls night out as there were more women than men.  We may be wrong. The crowd was distinguished and it is safe to assume that Queen Zoe – as she likes to be called- would be hosting this same event next year. In a brief interview with,  Queen Zoe said ' the whole idea was to bring different cultures together. Connect with each other, make new friends while enjoying the beauty of Edmonton from the River.' She further added that we can expect the  All White Boat Party in July 2020.


The event was attended by several Edmonton celebrities. When Arti Verma Kwatra, Yoleen Anderson, and Frankline Argbor  (CEO of Diversity Magazine) attend an event, you know it is an event to be talked about. There were a couple of power brokers …..

The Meliszwe Brothers entertained the crowd as they knew how too. The crowd was lustful, they wanted to dance. And dance they did. Till 1 am. 

The Food

The meal was the Carribean in form but it was universally agreed that the jerk chicken, rice and chickpeas were just right for our collective taste buds. There was more than enough food for everybody.  The meal was also a promise delivered.

The Verdict

We score the Queen 9 out 10… only because 10/10 would be too easy. There are always grounds for improvement. Right? We urge the Queen to fill the boat next time. We would urge the Queen to invite a couple of her millionaire, billionaire type friends. It would be great if this group was multicultural. One more thing, whilst we were able to attend, perhaps the Queen could consider treating media like VIP!  Now, that would be something!

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Photo credit: Zoe Nare

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