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Why Did I Move To Canada?My Canada Immigration Story

As part of our series on My Canadian Immigration Experience, we bring you Igor Ryltsev, a Ukranian who came to Canada as an international student. Igor’s love for Canada is unquestionable and he remains a success story of Canada’s open door policy. Why Canada? Igor spent his formative years in Qatar which formed his ideas about how a country should operate. Unable to settle in Ukraine because of the corruption there, he made his move to Toronto as an international student.

Photocredit/IgorRyltsev Facebook

Igor met his wife Neethu, from India at the  University in Toronto and they got married. He shares his experience as a blogger, writer and Uber driver in a series of  YouTube videos where he documents his life in Toronto, his immigration journey, his move to Calgary, buying his first property, how he saves money amongst the many other videos he created.

You cannot find anybody more optimistic about Canada than Igor. He has over seventeen thousand nine hundred subscribers on Youtube.  One feels as though they know Igor personally, he shares his thoughts, struggles and victories with the world.  Some people find his accent sexy actually.  His videos speak for themselves. They are analytical, creative, compelling and rich with information.

From Toronto, he got a good education. Igor would tell you  Canada offers a “good standard of living, good opportunities to make wealth,  equal opportunities and the immigration system is simple”.  He qualifies in summer of 2018 for his Canadian citizenship.


Photo credit: Igor Ryltsev/Facebook





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