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Victor Ugwu | Jesus Wept | A Powerful Love Poem

Jesus wept

( _after Jesus wept by Sia_)



i grew up learning   to cut my skin

into small          toilet papers


that ma didn't like.

she said I cut

jesus more


than I do when crossing my legs into an

open diary,

to stare into my window—


wanting not to see          god    wear a 

green white crop top &  a black bum


or in an orange          bikini.



looking in

heals me—i       see my reflections on god's


legs scattering         into holy days,

like this explains


why the last man          lubricated his organ

with red wine          before           going home.




ma knows        how to count men

when she looks         inside my eyes,


like I am some   inheritance   of their misplaced         selves.



new men     carry me like coins   from the mouth of fish

to pay tax.



i carry my body  into the lord's prayer


to spell home       from jesus' 


voice.        taking the song,

the sentences  into my legs. 


Victor Ugwu (22) was born in Onitsha but lives in Minna, Nigeria. His works have been published both online and in print at several journals such as: Eureka Street, Brittlepaper, Praxis, Prachya and Elsewhere

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