UofA’s African Research Program | Women’s Conversation Cafe | February 23rd

We would like to invite you to an African women's Conversation Cafe on Saturday, February 23rd at 2 pm. It is a place to talk about issues which affect African immigrant women. At the last cafe, we talked about church life and how it affects women. Church life is not necessarily a bad thing, but the single women at the forum expressed feelings of alienation by their respective churches. African churches have a lot on their shoulders to carry. The burden of single women may not be at the forefront of church life. 

Women are single for so many reasons. They may be divorced, widowed or not married. According to Globalnews, "There are a lot of single elderly women in pretty much any city in Canada and a lot of single 15-19-year-olds of both sexes everywhere.  Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have the most single women and the most single men – not surprising since they also have the most people in general. There are slightly more single women in Ottawa than Calgary and slightly more single men in Calgary than Ottawa".

We also talked about ageing in African communities and the lack of support for African elders.  

According to a document titled Seniors Portrait.pdf, the projection is that "the number of seniors living in Edmonton is on the rise. In 1986, 17% were 55 or older. By 2006, 21% were seniors. By 2041, 32% will be seniors. Within the senior population itself, the most dramatic growth will happen in the over 80 age group. By 2041: The number of seniors aged 80+ is projected to increase by as much as 266 %. The number of seniors aged 55- 64 is projected to increase by as much as 104%".

Wome's Cafe is the place to talk about our issues as immigrant women in Edmonton today.

The venue is the Diversity Centre. 10510 107 Avenue. Time: 2-4pm


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