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The Baby | Melissa Grant | FlashFiction

There she was.

It was nearly nine years and Lola did not think Dr. Siva would still be working at the clinic. It was her spontaneous mood that made her turn into the clinic.  She was only in town for a couple of hours. She was not sick, but her curiosity got the better of her. She needed to know.

Nine years ago, she had waited about ten minutes to see Dr. Siva whose words encouraged her to keep the happy nine-year-old girl who was currently fussing over the wifi connection and would not stop talking about the sleepover from last night.

Nine years ago, Lola was in a strait. Her engagement and relationship to Thomas Street had ended without drama leaving her with serious problems.  He simply said he did not love her anymore. She did not see it coming. She had not heard of him since then. There was talk that he had moved to New Zealand. No one knew. Lola did try to look for him on Facebook, but she gave up.

Then she found out that she was pregnant. There was the only thing she knew she had to do.

Soon it was time to see her. She knocked quietly and stepped into Dr. Siva’s clinic room.

Dr. Siva had aged considerably. She looked smaller and frailer.  It looked like she was recovering from a sickness.  Her voice shook as she asked Lola how she could help. Lola started to tell the doctor of how she had visited nine years ago and how she had needed a referral to the emergency abortion clinic. Dr. Siva had no recollection. She seemed irritated that Lola had no immediate medical need.

“Don’t you remember me?” Lola asked quietly.

” I see over a thousand patients every month,” Dr. Siva said  “I am afraid I am going have to ask you to leave..if you need to talk, the nurses have appointments. I can book you in”. She was already typing on her computer.

Lola stood ready to leave.

The doctor would never know it was because of her, she kept her baby. All she said was  “what are you afraid of?”. That stopped Lola dead in her tracks. She decided to face her worst fears. Now, she is so thankful she did.

“Mum, let’s go!!!” her daughter impatiently cried.


Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

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