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Sunday Inspiration: You owe you

Eric Thomas is one of the best motivational speakers in the world. As a matter of fact, when I need some fire and motivation, he is the person I listen to.  Daily.  The 5 most important things he said in this video are:

  1. What do you want? What do you want in your life? What do you want in your marriage? What do you want to drive? Where do you want to live? How much money do you want to make a year? What do you want in your health? Many of us are taking everything without knowing what we want from life.  Once you find out what you want, spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it. 
  2. Winners win. Focus more on winning. Stop making excuses. When you become a winner, you begin to be seen as a winner. Win. Get rid of your fears and doubts. Fight, keep going and win. Become a victor, not a loser.
  3. Grind. Work. Press forward. Learn.  Improve. Do everything in your power every single day towards your goal.  If you want it so bad, you need to grind. You need to sleep less, watch less Netflix, do what you need to do.
  4. Be real with yourself. Are letting your self down? Are you waking up on time? Are you putting in your best? Are you going the extra miles? Are you eating too much? Are you spending too much on your credit cards? Are you getting up on time? You owe it to yourself.
  5. Value yourself enough to put in 150% every day. Why are you only giving 50%?  Do what you are supposed to do.

Have a listen! Are you on fire yet?  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon:)


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