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Songs and Other Poems | Tee Adeyemo | Love Conquers All

SONGS by David Ishaya Osu

have no walls but hearts
–from river to river, you 

place your body into 
a prayer, a coming 

of purple and love
of lips and stars 

–this memory, this 
time tomorrow, we 

will be one voice
sailing to new horizons


If    Tee Adeyemo


If I decide to go

There with you

On an adventure

Without an end


If I decide to sail

With my heart 

And soul

Through the murky

Rivers along the way


Will you promise

To walk the moonlight

With me?

With your timbrels

and salsa

Will you give me this 

One last dance?


Thank you: A Poem For Yoleen Naidoo by  Tee Adeyemo

Thank you for all you are
I need you to know 
I love you more than you will ever know
So I am sending you warm kisses and hugs 
So when you feel any less than you should 
You know we are here 
Loving you
Little by little and all the way

You won't need to doubt my devotion 

and the promise of my love

You won't need to search

long and hard

for my admiration

and the intensity of 

My respect

You got it right here

Loving you 


Little by little

Drip by drip

Day by day

In every way you need me to

I will.

Thank you, for everything


Naked  A Poem By Tee Adeyemo

We rest our fears to peace

As we embrace our unspoken voices

We lay our inhibitions at the door

We lay our fears to rest

As we walk naked

Up this mountain

Called life.

Words must be spoken

Our voices brazen and bold

No more inhibitions

We breathe longing

For more and more

Reaching and reaching

Stretching and stretching

Feeling upon feeling

Till we lay empty 


And Satisfied

Our duty is done

We found our collective


We rest in peace

Naked,we have spoken.






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