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Somali Canadian Women & Children Association |Together, We Move Forward | Charity of the Week

                                                                  Video from Somali Canadian Women and Children Association Facebook page

The Somali Canadian Women and Children Association  (SCWCA) was formed in 2010 to assist and provide support to Somali women and children. As immigrants in Edmonton, we all know it can be a pretty daunting experience settling and navigating through the maze of available resources.

According to their Facebook page, they recognize, respond to and focus on the specific concerns of immigrant refugee women and their families.  These problems are interconnected and can be complicated. SCWCA focus on the needs of Somali families and individuals living in Edmonton -through partnerships, services and programs that are timely, culturally appropriate and address their concerns. Based in Edmonton at 13415 C Fort Rd, Edmonton, T5A 1C6.

With a string of successful events in 2018, SCWCA is the first point of call for Somali women who need support. Support could come in different ways. You might be a senior, youth or in the community experiencing issues unique to you and your community. Most seniors (55+) experience issues such as isolation. In the winter months, exercise is difficult as the weather is very cold and the ground is slippery. SCWA provides outreach services to reduce isolation.  They also provide weekly exercise services, support with integration and settlement and help in connecting with food banks and affordable housing. 

Their Youth Outreach includes mentoring work with kids who are at risk, one to one counselling, sports and recreation activities such as basketball and soccer, parent and youth dialogue, mother and daughter projects, summer camps and summer jobs amongst other preventative programs. 

Their in-school mentoring program is brilliant. They aim to achieve the following goals: to provide additional role model in the life of the children, to develop enhanced attitude about their school involvements, to build self-confidence, Increase positive problem-solving and coping skills, to promote the importance of staying in schools and forming healthy relationships with their family and peers, to enhance social skills, to encourage leadership skills and independent thinking. They also provide academic support at the school or off the school.

For more information, please contact them at: of Somali Canadian Women & Children Association.

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