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Sarah Jakes Roberts | Inspiration | Everything Must Go My rating: 5 out of 5

We discovered Sarah Jakes Roberts about a month ago.

She was at the Elevation Church in Matthews, North Carolina preaching for Pastor Holly Furtick when she literally reached from my computer screen and grabbed my attention. The sermon was titled 'Everything Must Go'.  I am not a preacher, I cannot recreate this sermon. I am not even going to try. But, it touched me. A lot. So much that I am sharing the message here with you. 

I have since heard the sermon twice and heard other sermons.  Since 'Everything Must Go', I have followed on Instagram and Twitter with an insatiable urge to hear more from her. She speaks from a well of wisdom soaked in the Word of God.

Mrs Jakes-Roberts is the daughter of pastor T.D. Jakes. She co-pastors the One Church LA, one of the fastest growing churches in LA alongside her husband, Toure Roberts.

Hope this message blesses your heart. 





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