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Reflections From A Canadian Wannabe | Chapter 2| Jacana Books

Last week, we published our thoughts on Canada and gave five reasons why we thought Canada was all that and more. Today, we would like to offer you a Canadian perspective on Diversity. The loose definition of diversity in the Canadian situation. People have migrated here from virtually every part of the world to live as Canadians. The Edmonton Festival is a good example of diversity at work in Canada. Whilst there is the Edmonton Festival, there are hundreds of other festivals hosted by different nationalities. For instance, there is the Cariwest Festival, hosted by Caribbeans, the Africarnival which is hosted by the Africans and so on. This diversity is what makes Canada brilliant. It is what differentiates Canada from other nations around the world. Some people say this diversity means each national group keeps to themselves. In reality, this means that the diversity is not a good thing because the Asians keep within themselves, the Ukrainians to themselves and so on. Is this your experience of diversity? Is this a good thing? Have a listen to the debate.

Let us know what you think. The article below was taken from the Facebook page of KQxMedia in direct response to the news item. What do you think though?

What is diversity? What is not diversity? And who cares?

In 2018, what a shame to have some well known beloved Canadian politicians rejecting diversity. For the first time in history, Canada has 50/50 men and women representatives in its Federal government, with appointed ministers of Indigenous and ethnic minority background. First time in 151 years of being a federal state!!!!! And now, some are standing up and are trying to push the Canadian society backwards.

Let’s reflect on diversity.

The world without diversity would be like a rainbow without colours. Diversity is MORE THAN a hot trend, a political movement, a spicy meal, a dress you put on, a language you don’t speak, or a skin tone not yours. Diversity is not OTHERS. Diversity is everyone, everywhere. It is the richness of our ideas, the uniqueness of what makes each one of special. Diversity expands access to new opportunities, innovation, and knowledge.

At birth, we are all created equal with a body, a mind, a spirit, and a soul. Only human-made systems have disfranchised many, not diversity. Only our own selfishness has become a threat to humanity when we fail to recognize we are all of the same essence, and one race, the HUMAN RACE.

Some see diversity as a threat to achieving greatness, as a way to divide and conquer, as tool to flatter others’ ego, as a CULT, as a scapegoat for societal issues, as a justification for failed policies and programs, as cause for segregation. This is only your perspective. In Canada specifically, please be all reminded that diversity did not begin with Justin Trudeau getting to Ottawa.

For others, most people, it is not diversity that matters. For a child, what matters is to have a loving family, toys, food, friends, and access to opportunities to learn for tomorrow. For a young person, what matters is a chance to graduate, to travel the world, to pursue their dreams, to accomplish whatever they wish. For parents, what matters is to have a safe home, provide for their families, and have access to opportunities for their children. At the community level, what matters is fair and equal opportunities for economic empowerment for all people without discrimination.

What matters is addressing the national opioid crisis in our neighborhoods, addressing pharmacare and homecare plans for seniors, addressing the national housing shortage, addressing the safety of Aboriginal children, youth, women, and families in our cities, addressing the lack of opportunity for internationally educated professionals, addressing the lack of healthcare access for refugees and asylum seekers, addressing the needs for building alternative clean industries, and addressing affordable daycare spaces for our children…and more…

Please, Canadian politicians, get your act together, you have a job to do. Focus on finding solutions for what matters, NOT dividing people who vote for you.

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