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Pregnancy Care Centre Interview with Director | Ladies Corner with Tee

Tee Adeyemo was at the Pregnancy Care Centre to support Yoleen Naidoo's efforts to provide for women who are overwhelmed with their pregnancy situation. All mothers have a pregnancy story. Some are traumatised more than others.  Some are unable to keep their babies for different reasons. The Pregnancy Care Center offers hope to all women regardless of their race, age, religion, limitation or handicap. They are here for anyone experiencing a crisis pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy. Many women feel abortion is the best option because they may not know better. Abortion leaves the unintended consequence of guilt, low self-esteem, nightmares, anxiety attacks and so on. 

The truth be told they are there for unplanned pregnancies. This why they care: 6 in 10 teens who have had sex wished they had waited. Over 1/3 of all pregnancies are unintended and close to 1 in 4 of these are terminated. 1 in 3 Canadian women will have had an abortion by age 45.

Edmonton's Pregnancy Care Centre should be 'your first choice for unplanned pregnancy in Edmonton'. Their trained volunteers will help you find the answers and support you are looking for. You do not need to face the crisis of an unwanted pregnancy alone.  They are a Christian organisation and their promise is to 'companion you through pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion care. 

They offer pregnancy tests and education on all options, gently used and clean maternity and baby clothing, post-abortion recovery and support. They offer comfort, healing and hope and you walk through abortion recovery journey. 

To find out more about the pregnancy centre, please visit their website here.

Watch the full interview here.


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