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Monae Doyle | Twitter Poet |Poet of the Week

Monae Doyle is a Poet.

Very rarely do you find a poet that uses words in a way that sets your heart on fire.  A poet after our hearts, using everyday language, Monae explores life, love, nature and relationships in ways that endear. She is an avid book reader, coffee lover and a writer of beautiful poetry. From Georgia, USA, is grateful to Monae for sharing her poetry with our world. 


Your whispered

words are

my only



as you

look into

my eyes

as your


lips move

slow along

my waiting

neck is


what I

crave and

how you

make those

goosebumps on

certain parts

of me



Your fingers

one by

one by

one come

soliciting over



…. softly.


Published with Permission. For more, please follow @DoyleMonae

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