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MK Curvy | Plus Size and Sexy | Afro-Canadian Fashion

MK Curvy | Plus Size and Sexy | Afro-Canadian Fashion My rating: 5 out of 5

MK Curvy was founded by Nwamaka Agbakoba, an Edmontonian originally from Nigeria, West Africa.

With a passion for energizing women who feel drowned being plus size and knowing the frustrations African women face especially, unable to find anything suitable to wear in the stores,  Amaka tapped into her inborn creativity and came up with a solution. A clothing brand for plus size women. MK Curvy is not all about selling custom-made pieces, it is a revolution to get plus size sisters to love and appreciate themselves. It is about us embracing our plus size bodies. It is loving the woman we have become. We need to stop the self-hate, self-deprecation and say yes to our bodies! MK Curvy is the perfect place to begin that journey. 

MK Curvy's message through her fabrics and designs to all plus size women is that life does not have to be bland, ugly and dead because you are not a size 10. Every plus size girl, woman, sister, mother out there has something to celebrate. MK Curvy is not for Afro Canadians only, it is for any sister who wants to explore the power of their feminity through slim fit, easy and breezy African attires.

Being a plus size with MK Curvy is super sexy.  Little wonder their tagline is 'Love your curves in the clothes you wear'. This girl empowerment move is positive and motivating. Mk Curvy is a permanent feature of the Edmonton society and indeed Alberta fashion circle. She interviewed with the Edmonton Metro other media channels. 

Here are some of her designs we love. You will see why here at JacanaBooks, we are crazy about MK Curvy. For more information, please visit their website here.


I love me:)

MK Curvy |Nwamaka Agbakoba was an African Week Designer in 2018 African Fashion Week in Edmonton, Alberta


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