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Haitian-born poet, psalmist and spoken word artist Medgine Mathurin is a person for whom the love of language and the alchemy of words is second nature. Her multi-lingual upbringing (French, Creole, English) not only prompted her to begin experimenting with the potential and magic of language but naturally compelled her into a deep love of poetry. 

Medgine Mathurin has shared her work across Canada and has had the pleasure of performing in Trinidad. She has represented  Edmonton at the 2012 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and has been a featured performer at the prestigious Edmonton Poetry Festival. 

In 2014, she opened for the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean at the Inaugural Launch of the Michaëlle Jean Canadian Caribbean African Diasporic Studies Lecture series, as part of the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. She is the 2016 recipient of the Fil Fraser Award for outstanding work in literary performing and visual arts. Currently, she is one of the editors of the nationally-distributed  From The Root Zine, which explores matters of identity, consciousness and resilience from the perspective of black womanhood.

Jacanabooks is grateful to the team at BreathinPoetry for allowing us to publish Medgine here.

Man Crush Monday

I wonder what it looked like when the creator of the universe formed you.

Did he speak with a voice so tender that it kissed your skin into softness?

Or did He shout with a voice so aggressive that it ricochet to trace your jawline?

There must have been passion in the frequency of which He spoke to cause craters to land on your cheeks.

Him, being so sly, would only allow you to expose them when you smile.

I don’t know what led God to sneeze greatness over your face,

But I’m thankful for the itch that caused Him to propel constellations all over your skin.


O What would I have given to be moon!

Audience in galaxy

Witnessing wonder being planted on your mind.

His breath must’ve been warm, more welcoming than a onesie on a cold Friday night for you to always be down to earth.

Our conversations are always so easy.

Stream-like refreshing

Enough to enjoy every time I take sips.


I’d like to think that I am your avid connoisseur

But my speech becomes slurred by my awkward

I hope to one day sober past insecurities and take a full shot of you


We support and celebrate women here at JacanaBooks.com. It is for this reason Ms Mathurin is our Woman  of the Week.

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