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Looking for Affordable Home and Car Insurance? | Ignacio Orozco Lastra |All- State Insurance: You are in good hands

Getting insurance in Edmonton can be very tricky. Tricky because the industry is capitalistic. That's not a surprise. North America like Western Europe and everywhere else is capitalistic.

It is important to have insiders in the industry, people who care about you, who can look after you. 

With so many insurers and their agents out there, many of them have lost sight of how expensive and traumatic the process of buying insurance can be.  Its routine isn't it? when you get quotes upon quotes, all expensive quotes. The agent on the other end of the line really doesn't care.  Even then, you must be prepared to make multiple phone calls to find that affordable home and car insurance package. 

Many insurance agents are monotonous and bland.  They keep to their scripted dialogues and they are just a little bit too stiff, too hungry to sell you a package you do not need.  You sense their condescension and desperation. You are annoyed, but you need insurance. So you wait on the line for yet another over-bloated quote. This was our experience, when we called several insurers, it was just business as usual.  Buying home and car insurance is expensive especially when you are new in Canada, when you have an international driving license or when you have just passed your driving test.

A friend confided in me that he had to pay nearly five thousand dollars for his car insurance because he was over forty and he was a new immigrant in Canada. Having just navigated that industry, I would like to introduce to Ignacio Orozco Lastra. He works with All-State Insurance.

A friend introduced me to him. He was very attentive, helpful and he guided me to get him the documents he wanted. The last insurer I spoke to felt forced. Ignacio treated me like a friend. He does not even know me. His customer service skills were excellent. He was concerned. He made time. Even after the purchase, he asked about the car and everything. He didn't have to.  What was also important for me was that I could call and text him on his mobile during that process. The process took less than three hours. I had to email and scan some documents to him. He was really quick I though. To say the least, I am well pleased with my monthly payment.  I had a beautiful experience with Ignacio that I wonder why the whole process had stressed me out. To be fair, it takes that one person who goes the extra mile to make such a huge difference. 

I want all of you to call Ignacio first before calling body else. See what he can do for you. it is not a cliche, with Ignacio at All-State Insurance, you are in good hands.

Call: 780 245 4728


ps: I have not received a payment for this write-up. We are just happy.


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