LadiesCorner Debuts at Biznet | Selling To the Government of Canada

JacanaBooks was pleased to attend Diversity Centre's January Edition Biznet. The cool bit about last night was that the Federal Government showed up. 

Federal Government? Yes. You. Read. That. Right. 

They showed up in the form of Office of Small Businesses. They held our attention for one solid hour and more. They talked about how to sell to the Government of Canada. The gist is that there are opportunities for people to trade with the FG. It does take resilience and determination as the process can be long. They are trialling out a system where you get paid in fifteen days as opposed to the thirty-day time limit.  It was very informative. Here is the link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/BIZNETALBERTA/videos/571017979990795/UzpfSTY0MjIzMTU0NDpWSzoyNjAyMjQwMDE2NDU4MjQy/

The crowd of over fifty people did not even have enough time to ask them questions as it appeared the programme started late. 

If you haven't heard, Biznet is about Presentations, Exhibitions and most essentially networking.

The best bit about yesterday was that LadiesCorner made its debut with a two-minute long video. Ladies Corner is a multimedia platform set to amplify women. It is a platform for women by women.

For more on ladiescorner.ca please see their website.



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