Ladies Corner Debuts With Interview | Reflections From An Afro- Canadian

Jacanabooks works in partnership with Ladies Corner, a platform dedicated to celebrating women. Here are some of the thoughts that came across during the debut interview. You can find a link to the interview here.

Dreams come true in Canada. But first, you must be willing to dream though. Life will always bring new beginnings. Edmonton, Alberta is a magical place. Dreams come true here. We must also be willing to put in the work for our dreams.

We must confront stereotypes. Who says all a woman can be is a cook, cleaner and a bedroom companion? What are the stereotypes you are facing? As a black woman writing this, I often feel none of what I write could ever get mainstream attention. Maybe my writing is not good enough, maybe it is. What are the yardsticks? Where are the opportunities? Who sets the barriers? 

The next question is why would I need mainstream attention? Writing is a passion. Many writers are broke because they are unable to turn their passion into dollars. So writers like me dream about working with a media organization that pays. It is a journey as well. A journey into trying new things. A journey into the unknown. 

The movement to support a local artist makes sense. Many of us slave with love behind our laptops guilty when we are unable to write, but relishing the idea that one day, writing is all we would do. This was the main point Arti made when she alluded to the fact that we have to create our own opportunities. An example to other women, Arti is creating opportunities with her ideas Mixximize and Miss Noble Canada .

We have to create our own opportunities. In healthcare, law, sciences, business, technology and everywhere.

The answer is simple. We should create our own opportunities. We should create space for ourselves everywhere we go. 

Ladies Corner has a show every Wednesday on Facebook live.

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