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June 27th 2019 | Happy Canadian MultiCultural Day | A Poem

Across Canada

       1 in 5 of us was born overseas

In our plurality

         In our diversity

In our multiculturalism

        We are one Canada

              We are living the dream

                 Paid for by generations gone before


We celebrate 

       Our strengths

         Our colours

         Our differences

 We attend

         Inclusion workshops

We attempt 

       To make space for others

We try

      To understand other  cultures

This is Canada

      Where many make one


We respect the great land

          of Canada

There is no place

       On Earth-Like Canada

            Where black, brown, blue, red, white, yellow and pink

                Stand as sons and daughters of Canada


Some people question

    Our diversity

       They put layers to our  race

            The whites are high up

                 The blacks and the rest of us

                    Struggling for relevance…

Hope you have had a wonderful Canada MultiCultural Day 🙂 


Written by: Tee Adeyemo

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