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Yesterday morning was a brilliant day to be in church.

The Citadel International Church in Edmonton was packed as usual. People were thirsty for God and his Word. Whilst the Bible is a treasure house of truths, many of us do not know what the Bible says about how we are to conduct ourselves and run our lives.  For instance, we may not know what the Bible teaches on how we are to raise our families, budget, tithe, treat other people, pray, fast and so on.  Yesterday's sermon was a call to dig into the Bible for ourselves.  It was a call to find God's truth as it pertains to our lives. Everything we need is in the Word of God. Someone once said there are 365 promises for every day of the year in the Bible. The question is do we know these promises?

The key verse was Timothy 3:15-17: The Word of God is what directs, corrects and aligns our steps as we walk with God towards perfection. As Christians, society and situations will try us and prove what we have studied. Even our closest acquaintances will test our faith in the Word of God. But, it is the Word we hide in our hearts that keeps us in those moments when we are tempted.

The preacher urged the congregation to reflect upon their commitment to the Word of God. He said "it is important that we rely on the Word to carry us strong and keep us focused. The engrafted word of God is constantly tried but we must keep fighting the good fight of faith against the voices that battle within us. We must stand firm on the written Word of God". 

A walking Bible, Pastor Smith expounded further. The written word of God is for our benefit. Adam and Eve fell because the serpent tricked them to question the spoken word they heard from God. Afterwards, God wrote the law  (the 10 Commandments) so it will be a point of reference and that no one can confuse it. The Word of God provides us with that reference today. It is available to us to study, understand, imbibe, speak and act upon it. 


The message starts 30:04 minutes into the service. We know you will be blessed:) A huge thank you to the Editorial Team @theCitadelInternationalChurch for sharing with us transcripts of the service. 

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