Is There Life After An Extramarital Affair? | Joy Ruhigisha- Gihana, Founder Family Life and Beyond

Marriage is seen by some as the culmination of a successful dating season. For these women, life is all about their men and their marriages. This is a good thing. A great thing for them. At some point though, the marriage honeymoon period ends and then, a season of stress begins. Stress in a marriage can be caused by so many reasons. Key reasons are financial, in-laws, infidelity, incompatibility and so on.  Marital stress does not have to lead to the end of the marriage says Joy Ruhigisha Gihana, a psychotherapist at  Family Life and Beyond. 

Every marriage can heal and bounce back even from the worst is the ardent belief of Mrs Gihana who is driven to empower couples and individuals to be the best they can be through different psychological services. The problem she noted in her interview with Tee Adeyemo from LadiesCorner.ca is that men and women with African background struggle with the idea of counselling. Yet, counselling happens informally through seeking counsel from relatives, in-laws, imams, pastors and so on.

African men in Canada struggle with unemployment, a disparity of income, an ego related inability to adapt to new clime racism and possibly discrimination. This struggle impacts on their families in some cases leading to domestic abuse. 

Please watch the interview here, it touches deeply on the struggles African families face in Canada. It also focusses on the solutions through counselling.



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