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iHuman Youth Society | Be A Hero To Your Creativity | Charity Of The Week

iHuman is a charity whose work it is to work with traumatized and marginalized young persons who live high-risk lifestyles.  Even though many of these youths are aboriginal, they serve youth from every demographic and socio-economic group. They are a non-profit intervention group whose work is to help young people re-integrate into society. They work with young people to help them find their creativity, sense of belonging and a sense of themselves in a world that neglects and rejects them. They help youths to develop their voices in painting, writing, dancing,  drawing, publishing, recording and so on. There are kids on the streets without homes. iHuman offers these kids a safe environment and a place to grow.

The people at iHuman help these young people to obtain housing, get mental health and addiction support and build on their creative strengths as artists. Their office in downtown Edmonton is equipped with everything these young artists need to be who they want to be. The programs are individually centred to help lost youths find their way back into society.


Their mission statement in part reads 'through iHuman, youth are finding their own identity, becoming more empowered and creating their own compelling future."

The age group they target is 12-24 years old. They see an average of 70 youths per day. These youths are vulnerable and traumatized. In many cases, they come from dysfunctional families of abuse and neglect, criminality and incarceration, illiteracy, poverty, homelessness and illiteracy.

For more about the amazing work done by the angels at iHuman, please check out their website.

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