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Ibo Cultural Association of Edmonton Shuts the City Down with Praise | Kaycee Madu, Minister of Municipal Affairs In Attendance

All roads led to the Citadel International Church, Edmonton Alberta on July 13th 2019, the venue for the Igbo Society Cultural Association of Edmonton Praise Night. The Igbos are a  tribe from Nigeria, West Africa with over 100 families in Edmonton. They believe they are 'more than enough to become a major player in the political, economic and social-cultural arena of Edmonton'. With one of their own, as a Minister of Municipal Affairs in Edmonton in the person of Mr Kaycee Madu, the Igbos have a lot to thank God for. The event was clearly a celebration of the goodness of God within the Igbo community and the Nigerian diaspora as a whole. In his address, Mr Madu thanked his community for supporting and working to get him elected. He promised to work for all Albertans in delivering the UCP mandate.

Photo and Video credits to @DeaconObi and Peter Obiefuna.

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