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How Pure Flix is Changing the Narrative | Article | Jacana Books

Pure Flix is a video streaming service that caters to a family friendly and Christian audience. It offers more than six thousand five hundred movies and shows which can be viewed anytime on smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions with Roku, Firestick or  Chromecast devices. Pure Flix is an American and distribution company founded in 2015 by David A.R White, Elizabeth Travis and Russell Wolfe. The company has created many films such as ‘God’s Not Dead,’ ‘The Case for Christ and so many more.

In a world where it is hard to find clean, decent, Christian family-friendly entertainment, Pure Flix offers something unique, sweet and different in a space dominated by vulgar language and gender confusion. In 2016, Pure Flix announced an educational arm which provides content for homeschoolers. Pure Flix can be used as an evangelical tool as well. Churches and Christian ministries use Pure Flix movies on their Movies Nights. One of the best films we have seen from Pureflix is Miracles from Heaven. In this film, a sick child’s miraculous healing, inspire her parents to have faith in God. Pureflix is a breath of fresh air. Pure Flix is always updating their content. This September, new films such as Shifting Gears, Cowgirls n’ Angels, My Many Sons, Amazed by You, Shake off the World are expected on the streaming service.


Pure Flix works to change the culture of the environment we live in. Possibly, over time, Pure Flix will influence battles such as the one  65 Christian schools are fighting in Edmonton, Alberta to keep the LQBTQ trend out of its doors. The secular world calls it homophobia, the Christians describe it as following the Bible with all their heart, soul, mind and body.

Here is what some users say about it on Amazon.

“If streaming good, wholesome family-friendly video are important to you then this is the service to get. Lots of choices, many Christian films and shows to choose from. I don’t have to worry about what might be shown or said while watching that I don’t want my child to see or hear, that’s the main reason we rarely watch anything on TV anymore. Streaming is fast and smooth, with no buffering problems”.

A family channel with good movies and moral values. I recommend it.”

“Love what I have seen and heard so far. Many options and categories”

Some people did not think too much of the Pure Flix, some said “ it offered poor selection” and it was very” limiting.”

Signup is free for the first month trial at After the free trial period, it is $10.99 a month, with the option to cancel at any time.


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