Explosion of a Carbuncle | An Anthology of Poems | Three sisters

Three sisters have collaborated for the first time to write a book of beyond sensational poems. The sisters are Modupe Adeyemo, Tee Adeyemo and Tayo Adeyemo. Modupe is the eldest of the trio and a dental surgeon in Nigeria but it seems the literary world has a pull on her more than the dental world. Tee is the women advocate at, she also blogs for Jacanabooks. Tayo is a chartered accountant in the city of Edmonton.

The word 'carbuncle' means a boil and the explosion of a boil as disgusting the optics look, refers to the dynamic ways their feelings are expressed to bring hope, healing and recognition. Recognition of self is the first law of healing and these sisters together find healing in their own words. For one sister, a belief in God trumps everything else.

Explosion of a Carbuncle will be released by JacanaBooks soon.



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