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Diversity and Inclusion Celebrated at Diversity Awards 2019

The Diversity Awards was on Friday 17th May at Norquest College. Since 2016, Diversity Magazine has been at the forefront of inclusion and diversity in the Province of Alberta. The Awards ceremony was well attended by the community. MLAs Janis Irwin, David Shepherd were present. Ziad Aboultaif, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Edmonton Manning and Shadow Minister for International Development also attended to grace the occasion.

Dr Wanda Costen stole the show in her keynote speech which encouraged employers present to employ diversity. Her keynote speech focused on the recognition, hiring and respect for foreign-trained professionals. One of the highlights of the evening was the expert panel which comprised Doug Piquette, the Executive Director of ERIC, Hyder Hassan, Dr Sally Zhao, Mia Tahevera and Mazhar Butt. The panel considered the endemic discrimination in the typical Canadian requirement by employers for new immigrants to produce "Canadian work experience".  

The recipients of the Award were: Ziad Aboultaif, Sally Shifeng Zhao, Aftab Khan, Sunil Phool, Tabitha Phiri, Christina Nsaliwa, Tarek Fathelbab, Lornette Daye, Caitlin Downie, Regina Beatrice Oppon, Mercedes Messinger, Suzana Dumo, Najib Butt, Sahra Hashi and Jodi L. Abbott.

The following businesses were also recognized for the work they do within the community for entrenching of diversity and inclusion. They are Oilers Entertainment Group, Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council, Assiff Law Personal and Injury Lawyer and Microbusiness Training Centre.



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