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Dear Momma | A Poem | Tee Adeyemo

Dear Momma

I am letting these words freely flow

  To tell you how much you mean to me

     To us – your four girls.

      My faith is strengthened

         When I remember the stories

             You shared of God's faithfulness.

                   My mother, my angel, my friend

                      You inspire me to believe there 

                          Is a better tomorrow ahead of me.                       

                            When I look at  Your life and all God has blessed you with

                             I  know 

                            I will overcome my battles and challenges

                               I look at your quiet spirit

                                       and I reflect that I still have much growing up to do

                                           I look at your humility

                                              My heart is not haughty

                                                   I look at your generosity

                                                         My wallet is emptied.

                                                             I hope I can be the mum 

                                                                You are to me

                                                                    To my little girl

                                                                         Happy Mother's Day


PS: From your daughters, we love you. 

Tee Adeyemo blogs for Her latest book, Explosion of a Carbuncle, an anthology of poems with her sisters will be out on soon. 

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