David Shepherd, MLA Edmonton City-Centre is Standing Up For Albertans | Interview by Tee Adeyemo

David Shepherd is many things to many people. He is a role model, mentor and supporter of youths in the City Centre and everywhere. He is passionate about investing in new leaders for the next generation be it in the Muslim, LQBTQ or African Carribean communities. He is also a cyclist, a lover of the outdoors, a professional communicator, an ordinary Albertan and of course a musician.

Understanding David means understanding his tireless passion for service. His energy, vision and philosophy is inclusive. Say what you like about the New Democrats, we have in David Shepherd, a supporter of arts and literature and a public figure you can trust.

Every time, you approach David, his doors are open. JacanaBooks.ca is grateful to David for his time and thoughts.

The questions we asked were: Did your win come as a surprise to you? Why did the NDP lose? Top three priorities for Edmonton City Centre and thoughts about legacy.


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