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Dami Adeniyi Expands To YouTube | The Dami Adeniyi Show | Celebrating Africans in Canada

Dami Adeniyi celebrates Africans in Canada.

She has blogged about Africans since 2016.  The vision then was to start a show called theDamiAdeniyiShow. Her blog – secured her space as the number 1 Nigerian blogging about Africans in Canada. She dwells on positivity, excellence and African Canadians. Her passion is to change the narrative of Africans in Canada, moving our stories from the western narrative that is filled with famine, hunger, death and deprivation to more holistic and inspiring stories about what we have accomplished.  Dami is passionate about celebrating African stories because if we don't tell our stories, who else will? 

Most people don't see Africans as Sudanese, South African, Ghanian, they see us as all black and we need to occupy that space as us, telling our own stories – she was quoted as saying on The Interview. Dami tells our stories with love. She loves to tell our stories to show the rest of us that Africans are doing great things in Canada. One of her favourite stories is Charles Osuji, who came to Canada as a student, got articled as a lawyer, became a partner in his law firm and then eventually bought his law firm. Charles's story is the epitome of the great things that can happen in Canada. 

Dami Adeniyi has recently launched a Youtube page.  Please check it out. Let us support Dami. 

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