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Can You Sing? “Rejoice Alberta” Season 4

The singing competition is here again. Can. You. Sing?

Rejoice Alberta is a singing competition that started in 2008 but was executed in Europe in 2012. It was called “Gospel Vybez”. The Christian competition intends to glorify God whilst showcasing the best talents in the gospel music industry. It is the hope that listeners would think about the message behind the songs being sung. The organizers intend through the auditioning process¬† God’s name is glorified.¬† The advert below gives you more information.

The contestants are required in the first instance to send in their auditions videos no later than midnight MT on August 31st, 2018 by email to They have the option also to WhatsApp their videos. The number is 780-655-6673. For more information, please see the Rejoice Alberta website at

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