Award Winning Academic Bukola Salami RN, BScN,MN, PhD Speaks with Tee

She is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Alberta.

A community activist and an academic with a passion for helping African immigrants, Dr Salami has won many awards including the National Black Coalition of Canada (Edmonton Chapter) Professional Award and Edmonton's Top 40 under 40.  Her research interests include, but not limited to immigrant health, child health, mental and global health, public health, nurse migration, intersectional theory and postcolonial feminist theory.

In this interview, we discussed her research on immigrant health, African parenting practices and her experience of being a mum of young twins. The interview felt like two friends gisting rather than an in-depth analysis into the mind of the gift that is Dr Bukola Salami. 

One of the points she made was that African immigrants arrive in Canada healthy and mentally alert, but within five years, their mental health begins to deteriorate. Their mental health takes a hit.  The problem is that immigrants are unable to find comparable jobs as they had in Africa, their socio-economic status takes a hit affecting their abilities to function. With low paying jobs and mounting debts, African immigrants fare poorly in Canada. 

The interesting conversation focussed on the merge between the way we parent our children in Africa and the way it is done in Canada. Some Africans endorse spanking the child. The problem is when it is in excess, it can turn to child abuse. A reference was made to the fact that when black kids misbehave, it might be because they are reacting to feelings of invisibility at their schools. Or they are reacting to the discrimination they experience in our schools. This touched a nerve. 

The conversation will entertain, educate and inform you. Let us know your best bits.

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