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Amaka Agbakoba | Monday Poetry | The Beauty of the Ordinary

Nwamaka Agbakoba has always had a deep love of the literary arts. At various stages of her life, she has sought to express her feelings through a deep collection of poems and short stories found on her social media pages and blog posts under the handle; Knotty Musings and @knotty_musings on Instagram.

She hopes to publish this collection in a book to help other women navigate their dreams, successes and failures as she has.

Very recently, Nwamaka has featured on Global News Edmonton, CBC Radio and, as a speaker at the launch of Women Talk Africa and a live Facebook program Ladies Corner with Tee.

Her message is always constant. She holds on to hope and strive to succeed against all odds. Nwamaka also owns and operates the MKCurvy fashion line; an African inspired plus-sized brand based out of Edmonton, Alberta.  With an MBA in Emerging Markets Finance and a career rooted in International Development, she works with an amazing network of artisans to produce her designs in Nigeria. She plans to expand production beyond Nigeria to Ghana and Kenya in the coming year.

The MKCurvy fashion line has participated in local fashion shows and won Best Fashion Designer at the 2018 Africa Fashion Week Edmonton.


The Beauty of the Ordinary

I used to be afraid to sit in the quietness of myself
I used to wish that I could do the extraordinary
Building ice castles on thrones of blazing fire
Burning holes in glaciers with pellets of golden snow
And I ran from myself with nothing but winds of time in my sail
And I ran from myself with nothing but sounds of silence in my wake

Until I ran into the beauty of the ordinary
And now ordinary things have become beautiful
And my feet are happy to walk where they may
And my heart happy to smile songs in the silence of praise

There is so much beauty in the plainness of these walls
I feel all joy as I set flight each day to love afresh
Looking down midflight at all of the hate and debris on the grounds beneath me
None of it means anything compared to the joy in my soul
I fly in joy with no regards for rules beneath me
I fly in joy regardless
For my joy has come this time to stay

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