All Aboard The Santa Maria | Yoleen Naidoo | Coffee of Encouragement

Ladies Corner with Tee had Yoleen Naidoo, founder of Cofee of Encouragment on the show aboard the Santa Maria at the West Edmonton Mall. Coffee of Encouragement was birthed from a place of compassion. Alberta is filled with immigrants. Many of whom have family members over seas. Taking the time to get to know our neighbours, work colleagues over a cup of coffee goes a long way in sharing the burdens they carry.

It worked. Yoleen bought me a cup of coffee and at the end of the interview, my heart and head felt lighter. Would you consider trying that?

Would you encourage someone today? Its a win win situation. You feel better within yourself and the other person pays forward your kindness. Hopefully. 

Join Tee next week as she talks African immigrant men, their relationships and why we should save African marriages with Joy Ruhigisha Gihana, the founder of familylifeandbeyond.

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