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Alison Clarke “I Believe in Magic” | Circle

Alison Clarke is a writer and author, creative writing teacher, a two-time cancer survivor and painter. She had a sit down with's Tee to talk about her book Circle.

She spoke about the influence of culture on her books. Her love of places informed her research and stories. A firm believer in magic and fantasy, Alison's creativity has given her the opportunity to create characters with supernormal abilities. 

Magic is a key component in adult fantasy and Alison sees magic everywhere. When you see magic, everything comes alive and you experience life more intensely and beautifully. In a Twitter interview, she writes: " Magic is a part of everyday life. It's all around you. On my walks, I see magic-the birds, the bunnies and so on. Yes, it is all around us. And this is the magic that I feature in my books".

Experience Alison's magic through her book Circle sold here:


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