About Us

Jacana Books is the place where we tell stories. We are a Canada based not for profit, most of us are here because we ran away from home. Home evokes bitter memories of war, famine, death, tears, loneliness, rape and decay.  Home will always be home in Africa or Asia, but we have chosen to make Canada our home. Now, we need to tell those stories.
On our own.
Some of us came to Canada to work, we found love, and we never left.
Some of us are second generation immigrants. Our parents paid the price for us to be here. Our stories are diluted. But they need to be told.
Some of us came here to school, we never returned.
Some of us journeyed on the back of lorries, walked through Libya, climbed walls, we want to tell our stories.
So Jacana is beyond books. It is about telling stories of our experiences. It is about authenticating our existence through poetry, prose and song.

So please join us, tell us your stories.  We want to hear them. Jacana is about us. Our lives. Our stories.

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