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A Mother | A Poem by Modupe Adeyemo | Mother’s Day

Modupe Adeyemo is a dental surgeon and author of several books including F'resyne. She is passionate about poetry and children's stories.

In this poem, she writes to wish her mum Mrs Aderemi Adeyemo, a happy mother's day.


A Mother……

She wakes up
Before everyone
No one teaches her 
She knows what to do
God has given her that gift
She can detect the sick child
And quickly gives a remedy
She always has spare toothbrushes in the car
For the child that forgets to brush
And Vaseline under the car seat
To moisten dry faces and feet
She is here and everywhere
At school to speak with the teacher
At church with the Sunday school
At home to help with homework
God bless all her efforts
She will live to see her children’s children
In long life and good health and wealth in Jesus name.



For more on Modupe Adeyemo, please visit her website at modupeadeyemo.com


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