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23 Miles | A Poem | Melissa Grant

You may have to call the Police

Get a restraining order

Shut the door in my face

Pull me if you must

For you, I stand here waiting

To see if your heart is beating too?


I got here

On my own

In my car

I drove for 23 miles

I was not forced

I was not drugged

I wanted to come

To be with you

To maybe even kiss you

Do you want to touch me too?


I needed to see you again

You will have to drag me

Pull me by the strands of my hair

Break my bones

Bite my skin

Tear me into pieces

Feed me to the birds

Set the dogs on me

I came to see you

Do you want to see me too?


I chose to be here

I was not drugged

I was not forced

I just wanted

To be with you

Do you want to be with me?


Melissa Grant writes for Jacanabooks.com

The image is from www.unsplash.com and it is by Alvin Mahmudov.

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  1. Jacana Books

    We think this is a special poem. We think you would like it. We are not sure unless you let us know what you think. Thank you in advance.

  2. Abino

    It seems to be loaded with a message. Poetry is most cases is a reflection of the the heart of the writer.
    At the risk of reading too much into the message i would love to ask the writer about what inspired his or her choice of words. I also wonder if the other party in the poem might be experiencing some feelings of inundation and perhaps a reluctance to say NO, but really want my space.
    The writer seems to be one who will have a reluctance to accept that though. But again, i hold back, its just a poem

    • Jacana Books

      Thank you again for lingering on JacanaBooks. You are right, I have always believed authors and poets have the license to create for drama. It is just a poem. I will let Melissa explain why she wrote this poem. If I know her well, she plays with ideas and toys with words.
      Thank you again for stopping by.

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